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Private Tour & Snorkeling

Snorkeling is an activity in full swing. It is practiced with fins, mask, snorkel and "shorty" (if you wish). Imagine swimming with sharks in the ocean where to drift on the edges of channels.

Private Diving Cruise

Diving Cabin Cruise

The diver’s dream :

Discover sites which are still preserved, live a passionate adventure and rediscover diving in all its purity.

Become an explorer.

French Polynesia is known for its underwater depths, its warm waters and its great variety of species. There are some places that must be visited but also places that are still unknown.

That’s how we got this idea: discover exceptional sites, go off the beaten tracks, on islands hardly ever explored, come to meet a luxuriant marine life, preserved from human impact. We will be able to observe graceful manta rays, dolphins and schools of grey reef sharks as well as a variety of colorful fish. From August to November, you can encounter humpback whales. Our crew will guide you, in a warm atmosphere, to discover all those hidden treasures.

Personalized Program

Let’s build the circuit of your adventure together. We are ready to listen to your needs so tell us about your destinations towards the Tuamotu Archipelago or the Marquesas Islands. Let’s discuss together about your wishes to experience the best dives.

Private Guide

French Polynesia is famous for its underwater world, warm waters and a wide variety of species.

There are some must-see sites, but many remain unknown. Discover exceptional sites, go off the beaten track, on virtually unexplored islands, go to meet an exuberant underwater life, preserved from the human impact.

For many years the team of Sub Hemisphere, professional and passionate acquired a great knowledge of the underwater environment in Polynesia. We had the chance to discover countries devoid of human presence, to live a passionate adventure, to rediscover diving in all its purity.

If you wish to become an explorer, we propose to accompany you as a guide, so that your stay remains unforgettable.
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